Female Stimulation Products Developed by Doctors & Sexual Health Experts

Composition Health produces wāv, a pharmaceutical-grade, all-natural female sexual wellness serum that increases clitoral blood flow. It allows women struggling with Female Sexual Arousal Disorder (FSAD) to find sexual satisfaction again. 

Up to 50% of all women struggle with Female Sexual Arousal Disorder (FSAD).

wāv is a female stimulation product developed by doctors and female sexual health experts. It has been clinically proven to enrich and heighten sexual response by rapid, sustained, localized arousal and sensitivity.

By partnering with wāv, clinicians can join our journey of helping women with their sexual health. Our mission is to empower women by helping them understand and enjoy their sexuality through education, support, and clinical quality supplements and female stimulation products. Contact us today to learn how your clinic can start offering wāv to your patients.

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How Our Female Stimulation Product Works

What makes this revolutionary female stimulation product work incredibly well is the all-natural pharmaceutical grade patented formula. wāv utilizes a proprietary base called CrossDerm™, designed to safely and effectively deliver wāv’s active ingredients.

The proprietary delivery system dramatically increases blood flow directly to the clitoris within 20 minutes after application and triggers a series of pulses or waves stimulating arousal and sensitivity. The sensation heightens sensitivity, ultimately leading to a more satisfying and rewarding sexual experience.

The main active ingredient in wāv is L-arginine. L-arginine is an all-natural ingredient that makes wāv a successful female stimulation product by narrowing blood vessels in the body for improved blood flow to the clitoris

L-arginine is frequently used to reduce high blood pressure, treat heart disease, treat erectile dysfunction in men, and control blood sugar in diabetic individuals. The active ingredient is frequently found in everyday foods such as chicken, peanuts, and dairy. In wāv, it allows women suffering from FSAD to organically and rapidly increase their libido – working within minutes after application.

Clinically Proven in a Double-Blind Study*

wāv has been studied in multiple prospective clinical trials and has proven to be a safe and highly effective product for adult women. The majority of women in this clinical trial found that this female stimulation product improved their sexual experiences and were overall impressed with the positive difference.


of clinical trial patients reported their sexual experience was improved with wāv


reported that the use of wāv resulted in a change in sensation in their external genitalia

In the subset of patients reporting unsatisfactory sexual experience prior to using wāv:

0 %
reported their sexual experience was improved
0 %
reported a change in external genitalia sensation
0 %
experienced any unpleasant side effects
0 %
would buy wāv

*This IRB-approved double-blinded clinical study determined the efficacy and safety of the product.