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wāv is a Female Sexual Enhancement Solution for All Women


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Rediscover sexual satisfaction

wāv is an all-natural female sexual enchancement serum designed to bring pleasure back into women’s lives. Sexual desire naturally changes throughout a lifetime. Major life changes such as pregnancy, menopause, or illness can affect arousal. No matter what the reason is – it’s normal.   

Rediscover your sexual satisfaction with wāv. wāv is easy and safe to use – simply apply the serum directly to your clitoris 15-20 minutes before sexual activity. Using wāv is painless, results in zero side effects, and costs as low as $7-8 per dose.

Talk to your doctor today about wāv or order a free sample today.

Dr. Jessica Shepherd Talks about Sexual Disfunction and wāv

A Female Sexual Enhancement Serum That Supports Your Sexual Experience

wāv is made for any woman who has experienced frustration, felt lost and discouraged, or even is excited to try something new – no matter what you are feeling, wāv is an option for you. There are countless reasons why a woman’s sex drive weakens. It can be hormonal, psychological, or physical – but that doesn’t mean you have to give up.


Whether you are married, in a relationship, or single – wāv is all about your pleasure. wāv is designed to work with you and your body – being exactly what you need it to be when you need it. Whether you want to use it every time or every once in a while, alone or with a partner – our female sexual enhancement serum is there to support your experience.


women who tried
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  • test-fast-acting Fast-acting
  • test-easy-application Easy application
  • test-delivery Delivery straight to your doorstep
  • test-no-doctor-visit No need for costly doctor visits
  • test-painless Not an expensive and painful procedure
  • test-discrete Discreet packaging
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What Does it Feel Like?

Shortly after application, you will feel a warm, tingling sensation. Women involved in clinical trials reported a more intense and satisfying sexual experience after using our female sexual enhancement serum. Wav lasts 1-2 hours long after initial application.

Who Created This Female Sexual Enhancement Serum?

A team of sexual health experts spent years researching and testing wāv until they achieved a successful serum formula. The main ingredient in wāv is L-Arginine, which expands the blood vessels for significantly improved blood flow to the clitoris. wāv – a U.S. patented, all-natural female sexual enhancement serum has been proven to be highly effective and fast-acting. Best of all, there are no side effects.

We completed an IRB-approved double blinded clinical study to determine the efficacy and safety profile of wāv.

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